(anan) SEVENTEEN about the maknae line:


95 line:

JH: These 3 are talented, and are witty, they’re kids who can do anything!
JS: That’s why they seem mentally grown up.
SC: Definitely extremely firm/solid compared to us. Especially seungkwan, because he does a lot of MC-ing and organizing (of the group), there are many people who think that seungkwan is the leader of seventeen (laughs), no matter what, maknae dino is still cute.

96 line:

JN: Everyone is fun!
WW: The strangest kids (laughs)
WZ: Recently, I think they’re especially funny.
HS: They’re the group’s moodmakers.
WZ: The 3 of them live on the same level, so they go out for meals together.
HS: I also live on the same floor, so I sometimes go out with the 3 of them.
WZ: You got younger? (laughs)

97 line:

T8: Although they are dongsaengs, they’re not the type who needs taking care of.
MG: Especially Dino, he has the kind of personality where if it concerns him, he’ll do it himself. Seungkwan and vernon, you have to be very careful of, the two of them sometimes fight, it’s funny (laughs)
DK: For seungkwan and vernon, they’re definitely close enough that they can fight but still keep a good relationship. The 3 of them have a deep friendship.

Maknae line about themselves:

DN: We have always been the maknae line since we were trainees, even without words, we still can feel the bonds between each other.
VN: I think Dino and I can get along even better than now. Seungkwan-ah, I want to be someone who can wrap things up easily like you.
SK: If there’s a common point in the maknae line, it’s that all 3 are cute (laughs)

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