Re: Gif reposters on twt

So the ones of you who have a twitter account probably saw that you can post more than 1 gif in a tweet now (when you convert the gif to apng). Naturally, this lead to a LOT of big and small accounts to repost gifsets and enjoy the new feature, with no regard to the original gif maker not even with a simple credit. I’m asking you PLEASE, please, respect content creators who spend hours on end making their creations for you to enjoy. Respect them by following their rules. If they don’t allow reposting, don’t. If they allow it with certain conditions, fulfill them. It costs you NOTHING to be respectful and give the credit where its due. Respect them by REBLOGGING their content, by enjoying what they have to offer. As you may have noticed, the activity on tumblr has been on a steady decline for a while now, and this DOES affect content creators’ motivation, massively (I know you’ve noticed how many content creators have abandoned tumblr by now). Of course we enjoy creating stuff regardless of notes, but I can assure you one like or reblog makes all the difference. When the likes to reblogs ratio is SO strikingly imbalanced, yes we notice and yes sometimes we feel very discouraged. Your reblog and support makes us feel appreciated but you’re not obligated to it. But at the very least, don’t support reposters. Don’t help spreading stolen content. Respect content creators by making sure to interact or spread the ORIGINAL content only, by not encouraging reposters in any way, by asking them for the credit every time you see something reposted.

Lastly, I always notice that gifs as a creation form are always being reposted with way less regard for credit than, say, videos or fanart. And I fail to realize why. Gifs take so much time and effort just as any other type of fan creation and they shouldn’t be treated as “less” deserving of credit. Gifs are imported, trimmed, smoothed, sharpened, recolored and resized before they are uploaded. They go through so much processing before they are created. And if you honestly think it’s not that big of a deal & it’s “just a gif” then I encourage you to make your own gifs and post them wherever you want. Just don’t go on people’s blogs saving hundreds of gifs for your threads and likes/rts. Thank you.


hello i know i haven’t been creating much gifs here recently, but i feel the need to stress this. please DO NOT REPOST my gifs on twitter without my permission. same goes for other content creators here who have put in a lot of effort and time into creating content so please…

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