Not about SVT

Thank you for your messages, really thank u ♥
We got a veterinarian who could bring everything necessary to do exams and ultrasound to my dog in my house because cars stress her and take her to a clinic would make her worse. We hope everything will improve with the treatment and that is not something else.

Thanks again ♥


I haven’t answered messages for a long time, normally non-anons have priority but I haven’t responded for a long time any due to time. It’s not personal TT I’m really glad to receive them and now I can give it the attention that should have. And interact with more carats ♥

Another point, I havent been following new accounts for like 2 years O.O only occasionally, so I’ll make a post about that too.

First I will make a post with answers to frequently asked questions of SVT and life, so I will not spam you with messages

Remember that you can block nia-thouths so you don’t see my personal messages, replies, etc.



Since soon is the comeback is a good moment to remember some things like to stay far from negativity. Don’t take part of fights (who is the best, who sells more, who wore it better, who blinks better …) take a minute to watch from afar and realize how childish and senseless are. Instead make a good comment or if you feel bad take a moment to go for a snack, listen some music, a movie, draw, go out. Later you will see things different, learn to let go that negative feelings, start with some distractions. Take time but dont give up, you will feel soooo great when that become a habit and not just words.

Love u guys, I really wish the best for you ♡ hugs hugs for everyone, you’re not alone ♡

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