Hi, I hope you're well. I want to say thi…

Hi, I hope you're well. I want to say this as respectively as possible so I hope you won't think I'm attacking you: it makes me really uncomfortable when ppl say JH or other idols who r adults 'looks like a baby', I kno ppl say this all the time on this site, but especially on totally normal pictures where they're just existing, it feels rly infantilizing and that happens a lot with east asians in particular and it's not great. I just want to ask u to be aware of that issue. Thank u for reading.

Hi, I respect your opinion, but I don’t see it the same way. There are many words in each language that can be used in very different situations and it is something that everyone understands and sees that way. Using baby like now for example, I’ve never heard someone take it that way, my friends use it all the time and they are natives, and even in thousands of songs is used and not only with asian people. Besides, I’m not sexualizing Jeonghan, only say that he looks cute as I would tell a friend, family member or pet 🙂


Not about SVT

Thank you for your messages, really thank u ♥
We got a veterinarian who could bring everything necessary to do exams and ultrasound to my dog in my house because cars stress her and take her to a clinic would make her worse. We hope everything will improve with the treatment and that is not something else.

Thanks again ♥

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